Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic says; Why Does Appearance Matter So Much??? Well- every society has its orientation. Its accepted norms, approved and stamped by the society as appropriate. Why does so many people hunger both consciously and subconsciously for societal approval? There's a matter that gnaws at me. Why do most people [...]


Ladies Above 30 In Here!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen... Ladies Above 30- In Here!!! I'm going to share a bit of myself on today's post. Although I'm a very private person- an introvert to boot. All through my previous articles, I've tactfully distanced myself from my writeups. But something happened to me recently, that prompted me to share this here. [...]

Abusive Relationships 

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic says; Abusive Relationships  Anyone in a relationship knows where it pinches. If the relationship is healthy- you feel it just by how contented you're in it. If it's in a rocky place, you're aware. One of the most dangerous aspects of an unhealthy relationship is an abusive partner. [...]

Why The Assumption That All Ladies Above 30 And Unmarried Were Shallow/Wayward?

  Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic is a question to all those having sleepless nights over issues not really their business. Why The Assumption That All Ladies Above 30 And Unmarried Were Shallow Or Wayward? I'm sick and tired of all these stereotypical assumptions flying all over the place. Must we always be [...]


Hello ladies... I'm quite sad right now. I'm about to poke, yet again another sour spot. My topic today says; LADIES LET'S BE WARY!!!  Ladies in their thirties and above. I'm here again as a voice of  caution. It appears things are getting worse. If that's even possible, considering the fact it has always been a [...]

Is Desperation The Solution? 

Hello ladies and gentlemen... Today I'm going to touch one of those sour spots we hate to talk about out there again. My topic today says; Is Desperation The Solution?  Let's quickly find out what this word "desperation" is about. The English dictionary defines desperation as;(1)  "the act of despairing or becoming desperate";  "a giving up [...]

Patience-Persistence-And Positivity Is The Key. 

Hello ladies... Well, the new year is here. 2016 has bowed out, ushering in 2017. It doesn't matter how the previous year had been. You had goals, I would like to believe you accomplished most of them if not all. What matters is that you are alive, in good health and more especially "positive" that [...]