Why Mistake Self-Worth For Arrogance???

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My topic today says; Why Mistake Self Worth For Arrogance??? What does this word arrogance mean? The English dictionary defines it as; "the act or habit of arrogating, or making an undue claim in an overbearing manner." I believe that definition is self explanatory. Now- what is self-worth? The English dictionary [...]


“The Perfect Man?”

Hello Ladies ... My topic today says; "The Perfect Man?" Why do people keep prattling so much about ladies waiting for "the perfect" man? Who said just because a lady is yet to marry, she's waiting for "some perfect" man? I wonder how that fallacy came to be. This now seem like a general assumption [...]

Don’t Waste Anyone’s Time All In The Name Of “Relationship”

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My topic today says; Don't Waste Anyone's Time All In The Name Of "Relationship" I want to talk on relationships this morning. Every relationship, needs some necessary materials to work. Be it marital relationship, courtship, and every other kind of relationship. However I'm focusing my attention on single ladies and eligible [...]


Hello ladies... I'm quite sad right now. I'm about to poke, yet again another sour spot. My topic today says; LADIES LET'S BE WARY!!!  Ladies in their thirties and above. I'm here again as a voice of  caution. It appears things are getting worse. If that's even possible, considering the fact it has always been a [...]

Patience-Persistence-And Positivity Is The Key. 

Hello ladies... Well, the new year is here. 2016 has bowed out, ushering in 2017. It doesn't matter how the previous year had been. You had goals, I would like to believe you accomplished most of them if not all. What matters is that you are alive, in good health and more especially "positive" that [...]

“Some Men And Insensitivity”

Hello ladies and gentlemen... Yes! You heard me loud and clear. Lol. My tonight topic involves the gentlemen too. The topic says; "Some Men And Insensitivity" Yesterday I came across a rant by a man, who viewed himself as learned and well exposed. This man was aghast, perplexed and couldn't grasp why or how a 32yr [...]