Abusive Relationships 

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic says; Abusive Relationships  Anyone in a relationship knows where it pinches. If the relationship is healthy- you feel it just by how contented you're in it. If it's in a rocky place, you're aware. One of the most dangerous aspects of an unhealthy relationship is an abusive partner. [...]



Hello ladies and gentlemen... My topic today says; SELFISHNESS IN RELATIONSHIPS A lot of people admire couples that succeeded and had years of good marriages down their belts.What most don't acknowledge is that it was never an easy ride...all rosy. Some would hang on to a partner only because he/she is supporting him/her one way [...]

“Some Men And Insensitivity”

Hello ladies and gentlemen... Yes! You heard me loud and clear. Lol. My tonight topic involves the gentlemen too. The topic says; "Some Men And Insensitivity" Yesterday I came across a rant by a man, who viewed himself as learned and well exposed. This man was aghast, perplexed and couldn't grasp why or how a 32yr [...]

Is Love Relevant In A Union?

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My topic today says; Is Love Relevant In a Union? First and foremost, what do we understand by the term "love?" "An intense feeling of affection and care towards another person." "A deep or abiding liking for something." Says; the English dictionary. Now based on those definitions above. I'm of the [...]