Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic says; Why Does Appearance Matter So Much??? Well- every society has its orientation. Its accepted norms, approved and stamped by the society as appropriate. Why does so many people hunger both consciously and subconsciously for societal approval? There's a matter that gnaws at me. Why do most people [...]



Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic is on a jovial route. It says ; Learn To Mind Your Business-Please!!! Hahaha...funny right? I know... The other day I came across a post on Facebook where a lady was reprimanding those that'd bring her juicy news/ gossip of her boyfriend "extracurricular" activities, which she was blissfully [...]

Sex On A First Date???

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic is one of those situations  we'd rather not acknowledge because it makes us uncomfortable, particularly the ladies. Sex On A First Date??? Now- I hate to sound vulgar here! But there aren't many ways to hit the nail by the head.  My focus here today is on those [...]

What Did You Learn From Your Previous Relationship/s???

Hello ladies and gentlemen... I'm here again with one of those topics that we'd rather not talk about and quite uncomfortable with. My today's topic is a question to singles. Ladies and gentlemen;  What Did You Learn From Your Previous Relationship/s ??? Well- I promised right from the onset that I'd be your voice of [...]

Why Mistake Self-Worth For Arrogance???

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My topic today says; Why Mistake Self Worth For Arrogance??? What does this word arrogance mean? The English dictionary defines it as; "the act or habit of arrogating, or making an undue claim in an overbearing manner." I believe that definition is self explanatory. Now- what is self-worth? The English dictionary [...]

Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes/Try This- In Your Relationship!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic says; Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes/ Try This- In Your Relationship!!! There's a saying that; "no two marriages are alike." I believe that could be said for relationships too. As thumbprints are different, so are relationships. People from different orientations, with different personalities, trying to find a balance- a particular [...]

Ladies Above 30 In Here!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen... Ladies Above 30- In Here!!! I'm going to share a bit of myself on today's post. Although I'm a very private person- an introvert to boot. All through my previous articles, I've tactfully distanced myself from my writeups. But something happened to me recently, that prompted me to share this here. [...]