Hello ladies and gentlemen... My today's topic is on a jovial route. It says ; Learn To Mind Your Business-Please!!! Hahaha...funny right? I know... The other day I came across a post on Facebook where a lady was reprimanding those that'd bring her juicy news/ gossip of her boyfriend "extracurricular" activities, which she was blissfully [...]



Hello ladies and gentlemen... My topic today says; SELFISHNESS IN RELATIONSHIPS A lot of people admire couples that succeeded and had years of good marriages down their belts.What most don't acknowledge is that it was never an easy ride...all rosy. Some would hang on to a partner only because he/she is supporting him/her one way [...]

Social Media Craze/”Bizarre?”

Hello ladies and gentlemen... I will digress a bit today. My topic today says; Social Media Craze/"Bizarre?" Uhm... am I the only one feeling a bit uncomfortable with the worrisome attitude of lots of people on the social media? Now, what is social media about? English dictionary defines it as; "interactive forms of media that allow [...]

Is It Wise To Discuss Every Little Hurdle You Encounter In Your Relationship With Friends?

Hello ladies and gentlemen... My topic this evening says; Is It Wise To Discuss Every Little Hurdle You Encounter In Your Relationship With Friends? I understand it's just a "relationship" not "marriage" but does it actually help? Does it resolve the issues or rather put added strain on it due to "half-baked" advises offered? Hahaha...how [...]

“Some Men And Insensitivity”

Hello ladies and gentlemen... Yes! You heard me loud and clear. Lol. My tonight topic involves the gentlemen too. The topic says; "Some Men And Insensitivity" Yesterday I came across a rant by a man, who viewed himself as learned and well exposed. This man was aghast, perplexed and couldn't grasp why or how a 32yr [...]