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Are You An Asset???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic is on the cliché “Are you an asset? Lol! These words are spoken over an over by relationships experts so nonchalantly- but are you valuable to your partner, in your relationship? Don’t get me wrong. I think being an asset could be mis-understood if care isn’t taken.

Now- let’s define the word Asset; the English Dictionary defines Asset as- a useful or valuable quality. It also could be defined as- anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company.

Most people mouth these words, expecting asset to mean only tangible values i.e monetary values, wealth. I think that mindset can not totally define asset. A person could be valuable through their reasoning, behavior, through values added by being real. Being a role model can shape another person’s life.

Now- back to our discussion, are you an asset to your lady/man? The outcome of your relationship might determine that or not. Nobody wants to loose an asset- but you could be of value to someone else, where another thought you weren’t of any value. It all depends on his or her mindset and outlook to life. Your value will never be appreciated by someone who has no need for what you bring to the table. Someone who needs what you’ve got will value you- now that’s what compatibility is all about! Join me on here, let’s share our thoughts on being an asset. Do have a lovely day!

Love Yourself!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

my topic today says; love yourself

I read a very sad story this morning on Facebook of a “young lady” that committed suicide after being jilted. According to the story, she’d been in a relationship with a young man who broke up with her after about 12yrs in a relationship. Painful…sad, I know…  but suicide??? Really? Over someone who didn’t see or “forgot” your value? That’s extreme.

A breakup is always painful if you’re the one jilted. C’mon, get angry, cry if you feel like it! You feel let down, disappointed, unappreciated, taken for granted… It’s normal to feel those things. Don’t  bottle the anger or pain. It’s allowed and a very crucial part of healing. Move on with your life. Someday, someone who sees your value, who understands and appreciate you’ll come by. To commit suicide over a breakup means, you never valued or appreciated yourself. You let someone else be your source of happiness. You simply don’t love yourself enough to be your own source of joy, to hold your life dear. lt’s your life afterall.

Anyone in a relationship should be mature enough to know it’s never a done deal. It could go either way. Therefore, never tie your entire life on another person’s decision or mindset. It could work or not and it’s never a do or die affair. If it works out, oh! Good! If not, dust yourself, move on. That, it didn’t work, might not be because of things you didn’t do a certain way. Maybe, you just weren’t compatible. Someone else who might understand you better or be exactly what you’ve needed all along would come by, when you let go.

Committing suicide over a fellow who waited for 12yrs to make a decision on a relationship? If it didn’t work, it’s simply because one person was dissatisfied all along. You should’ve seen the handwriting on the wall and moved on. I implore us all, let’s use our head when necessary in a relationship and not lose our heart or life over someone that ordinarily didn’t matter.

Do have a lovely day, you all!

What is Racism???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My topic today is about that “known” fact we’re all afraid to admit to ourselves; we’re all guilty of- most human beings are guilty of exhibiting this trait. You heard me right- “Racism.”

What is Racism? Lol! Don’t frown yet. Hear me out. The English Dictionary defines racism as- the prejuice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.

This definition is self explanatory- to explain this in layman’s term simply means that a particular race assume, they’re superior to other races. To this race, others are inferior to their race.

Let’s be fair and realistic here. Almost every race subconsciously feel this way towards another race. It might not apply to every other race but – we all feel some races are inferior to ours.

Good! I see that, I’ve got your attention for a moment.

Subconsciously, we all segregate. Take for instance in Africa here- there’s this fierce tribalism. Some exibit this trait unknowningly. Funny enough, a tribalistic African would instantly spot, a racist act, either because, subconsciously he/she expected it to be there. Frankly, it might not be what it seemed.

The way forward, if you asked me-is that we stop assuming we know what’s in the other person’s mind. Let’s not read unnecessary meanings to others actions. If it was racist inclined- it’d be a wasted effort, therefore useless.

Racism exist, but this is the 21st Century. Let’s dump superiority complex. Let’s all embrace one another; accommodate one another without rancor or looking down on any race. What we need to move forward in life might be ingrained in someone we view as inferior.

Everyone should be involved. Look deep, you’d find out, even you and I are guilty of racism.

Do have a wonderful evening, you all!

Eerie Feelings Around Me

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic says;

Eerie Feelings Around Me

Over the  years I’ve always frowned on conspiracy theories. It always seemed farfetched to me until recently. Obviously I never thought I could be framed or be caught in a Web so strong that not a single soul could inform me of what made me a center of attention. 

I returned to my home State in Nigeria, a State in the Eastern part of the Country in 2017, haven grown-up basically  in Benin Republic.  It took quite a while to adjust. There was this eerie feeling about the place. The entire State seemed to be a little too quite to my taste. Everyone seemed to be in agreement with whatsoever was broacasted; discussed or announced even at workplaces. There happend to be no obvious development. There were refuse heeped and littered at all corners. 

I actually adjusted to an extent by staying mostly indoors, then it began. I felt like my every move was being watched. Suddenly neighbors were mimicking my utterances. I got so pissed, so irritated by their actions. I knew instantly, there was a serious propaganda network against me, but I had no proof, even at the moment. Market women hiked the prices of foodstuffs as soon as I entered the market. I was mostly aghast at there behavior. At a point, I decided to shop at Shoprite for groceries. Being the type that hates attention.I became defiant. Each time they rushed out to watch me pass by, I got more aloof. Suddenly, no single phone call came to my phone. At a point, I called home. I asked mom if there was something going on, I was unaware of. She sounded off, yet she answered on the negative. I still reached out to my elder brother who presently lives in the United States. I asked him, not because I expected him to know what was happening in my home State, rather I asked in case he had been briefed of whatever was going on by people at home. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I left for home, because at this point I’d become seriously frightened. 

What alerted me to the gruesomeness of my situation was that as I got to the park, which is owned by the State, no single vehicle wanted to load for my destination. A driver later took pity on me. He carried me alone to the city where I alighted at my usual bus stop. I got to my family house, boiling with rage for such betrayal. There’s no how, my family wasn’t aware of whasoever the coldness and loothsome glares were about. As I write at this very moment, I’m so frightened,  yet cover my fears. How am I suppose to explain or find out what has frightened me so? Yet I put on a brave face, hold my head high, carry on daily ativities, feigning nonchalance towards my plight, without knowing what tomorrow brings or if I’d live long enough to get to the root of what gave me this feeling of something awful about to happen. God forbid! I’m sure whatever this is; was created out of a vicious propaganda.

I’ll survive this, whatever “this” means.