Speaking Up For A Change???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

I’ll have to digress a bit tonight. There’re times I often wonder whether being silent and mistaken for a fool is better than talking out loud. Why am I suddenly unsure, which is which? Growing up, I come from a home where voicing your opinion on any issue is a God given right. We all spoke freely at home and none was ever judged for speaking up, by my parents. Lol! There were ocassional reprimand, if one spoke out of tune or was rude.

Well…recently, there has been so many incidents that made me wonder if my upbringing was being questioned. Being in a Country where everyone wants “changes” made by the Government, yet everyone chooses his/her words “so” carefully. I remember vividly being sent to a particular  meeting by my former boss recently, where I questioned a particular data given as an update. I could feel the loathsome glare of every participant at the meeting on me-they were affronted- that I didn’t shut my mouth and behaved as expected of me, “a mere low level officer”.Well…I dug my foot in…it was obvious I’d stepped out of line, didn’t confound myself to the status quo. 

The above scenario came to mind during the youth protest in my Country Nigeria. There’s something I’ve discovered about a people or anyone who hardly complains about issues. Most times, the anger, pain, distrust, are kept well hidden and could be set off easily, once it couldn’t be endured anymore. If not, why would anyone in Nigeria protest over “Police Brutallity”? The shock, blew my mind. There’re so many reasons a Nigerian youth should protest. The list of what’s needed for “change” is staggering. Where does one begin? Now- hear me out. Years back, I remember not being able to go home due to insecurity in my city. There were years I couldn’t even travel to my home town. The danger were so real, you’d be foolish to travel along the road, long route home. Those that flew on airplanes, won’t know what I’m talking about- you weren’t robbed on air.

The thing is- it takes bravery to rise up and speak boldly to the authority of any nation, when things are not done as it should- so the bravery of standing for one’s right should be applauded- but what you fight for should leave a bold mark for the next generation…something a daughter or son, would hear someday and admire his/her parents boldness to make a difference, to make things better than they were.

My point is- there’re issues worth fighting for in our Country, the Western world have their culture, and well-planned structure on ground, that made them who they’re. The things we do, should be tailored according to our own needs. The realities on ground. The greatest issues ever had in our Country are; Insecurity, Bad Goverance, Corruption,  Unemployments, bad roads, poor road networks, dilapidated healthcare, pension frauds, poor power supply, Police extortions etc. These are problems staring at an average Nigerian face. The anger boils, because an average Nigerian suppresses his/her feelings. This hidden anger could be more dangerous than a landmine, if not addressed urgently. It’s no longer about what set off the fuse- instead, what was done to avoid a catastrophic outcome.

How can we achieve our goals, which is to be better, by destroying “our” own little efforts to develop a Country to be proud of- any day, anywhere?

Why Do We Judge Others So Nonchalantly???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Wow! It’s a miracle that we’ve all made it so far. What a year! It hasn’t been funny at all.

Am I the only one feeling like I’m on a Rollercoaster ride this year? Haha… I hope not. I intend to snap out of it, stronger and wiser.

What do you do when you feel, you’ve been misunderstood? Most times I shrug it off as nothing; irrelevant. Well…that might not be the best approach to life. Something happened recently that made me realize shrugging issues off may not solve the problem. I’m deeply troubled by this insiteful thought. Lol! I discovered, my attitude towards events, issues, tends to give room for malicious interpretations, to otherwise very normal or hard decisions I make at times.

My question this evening is;

Why Do We Judge Others So Nonchalantly???

Lol! Yeah…that’s my topic today.

There’re people whose stories will give one a hair-rising chill, if heard from them directly. Over the years I’ve learnt that things often aren’t what they seemed. I have seen severally where, “a dog is given a bad name, so that it could be killed” pardon the cliché, you know what I mean…lol!

Why do I feel so disillusioned? I have always believed that there’re two sides to a coin. Stories could be cooked up but a discerning mind should know the difference. What would be the faith of those not heard but judged by others, through what appeared to be the obvious conclusion?

I implore us all not to judge others nonchalantly. We don’t know what they’ve been through- where they’re coming from. Their stories, if ever told, might send quiver down one’s spine. A person seemingly egocentric, may just be a distracted fellow. You never can tell…so don’t jump into conclusion.  I so dislike when someone adds two and two and gets nine or something…lol!

I’m only sharing my personal opinion, but if it speaks to your mind, if it touches a soul tonight, then I’m glad…

What Matters Most???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Aww…it feels good to be back! It’s been awhile. Well, my today’s topic says;

What Matters Most???

My fellow ladies out there above 30yrs of age, don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that marriage isn’t important. Heck! I’m not even suggesting it’s not necessary. All I’m saying is – it would only be worth it, with the right partner. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that getting married is the major goal of most of our women. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been accused of many things including being “sick”. Lol! As a reason I’m not married yet. Hahaha…I’m hale and hearty people! All I’m saying is -“should it be”?

A lot of our women rush into marriage, through desperation. Some, become miserable for the rest of their lives maybe because of a wrong decision made or by being in an abusive marriage. I see any woman getting hitched as brave. Yeah…I’m being honest here. I understand too well,   that marriage isn’t a bed of Roses. Also I know it could turn out well. So I’m aware that anyone venturing into it, has to be optimistic to an extent a team player, to make it work.

Here’s the crux of the matter, should it be the “yard stick”? Shouldn’t women dare to be more? Should “Mrs” be the only identity a lady should aspire for? If that is so, why acquire skills; advanced knowledge? These days when I hear bits and pieces of conversations from our young ladies, all I feel is despair. There’s this blatant lack of focus on anything but marital aspiration. Marriage is important. I want that too, just like every other lady out there but should it be the only goal a woman should aim for in life? What if it turned out not to be enough?

I started Kareninspirational to unburden some of the thoughts I often had in my head. I wanted it to be a means to reach out to like minds and interact. Ladies!!! Let’s dare to be more! The right man will come, when he comes. Our lives occupation shouldn’t be running around like headless Chickens, auditioning and in search for men. The right man will locate you. Lol! It is even in the scriptures. Hahaha…

Why Blame Others???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Wow! It’s been a while. How’s the day going? Smootly, I hope.

My today’s topic says;

Why Blame Others???

Lol! I see brows being raised. Well- curiosity kills the cat- they say. Uhm…where am I headed with this epistle?

My focus today is on relationships. Oftentimes I hear men “whining” mostly about ladies that rejected their proposal for a relationship and still ended up alone. Haha.. this is hilarious. Please I would like to know the “connection” here. As a man- do you ask every lady you meet out? Is it all the women that crosses your path, that you connect with? Why then do you expect every lady you speak with to be “grateful” instantly- thank her “God” for the previledge to be spoken to by you. Lol!

There’re different categories of men I’ve taken notice of lately. One thing I found out they’ve in common, is this unbearable “ego” that a woman should be grateful and worship the ground they walked on, because they’re the best thing since sliced – bread. Hahaha..

The categories are-

  • The superficial- vain, shallow, type of men who never quite figure out what they want in life. This type rely mostly on their looks to be enough to get them by. They never have core values or place any value on relavant things. They’re often focused on trivial things, stuffs that real men have no time for. Now when a sensible woman sees this traits and rejects their offer for a relationship. Why would anyone think she would regret being on her own than being with such a nuisance? Haha…are you getting my point?
  • The “timid”- these ones would boast to their friends about their prowess and expertise but the truth remains that they’re tongue-tied and timid once in the presence of a lady. There’s nothing that irritates a woman, especially the career focused type as a man, not bold enough to state what he wants or needs. Haa! What’s the worst that could happen? To her, it’s as simple as you expressing why you think a relationship with her is a good idea. If you can’t do even that. Then how can you handle “communication” while in the relationship? Lol! That’ll simply be a disaster waiting to happen. Now- pray tell, how’ll a sensible person regret not allowing such a mishap in her life? If you can not express your feelings to someone you supposedly care about, maybe you don’t care about that person as much as you think- because if you do, then you’ll do whatever you’ve got to do to be with him/her.
  • The hardcore manipulators- these ones. It’s all about them and nobody else. Every plan, thoughts, actions, is viewed singularly by how it’ll affect their own “perfect plans.” They search for someone that will “fit-in” into their already mapped out plans, not giving a thought what your ambition or plans are This type has no room for compromise, nothing gives. To them, it’s all or nothing.

There’s no perfect man out there nor any perfect woman for that matter. We’re mostly searching for the same thing. Someone who’ll see the good in us and work with it to bring out the “best” in us. Not someone who will zealously bring out the worst in us. This might be the reasons some said “NO” to you. As a man, if you’re ready to make a relationship work, it’ll probably work. Your approach towards wooing a lady matters alot. Show her you’re willing to be a team, not a “one man” squad. Communicate with her. She isn’t a soothsayer. Hear her out sometimes, you could be surprised by her apt understanding of the situation.

If this piece changes your view on some women. If it opens up a door in your mind that it’s not that simple or simply black or white. If you now see, there’re grey areas too- why some women rejected you in the past and let the “bitterness” go. Then, I believe this writeup has served it purpose and was meant for you! Do have a wonderful weekend you all!

Reach Out This Yuletide Season!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Whoa! It’s been ages!!! Merry Christmas to all you lovely people out there!

My today’s topic says;

Reach Out This Yuletide Season!!!

I’ve learned some great lessons these past months. Few of the lessons are-


  • Never take for granted those who had your back during the tough times- they didn’t do that because they had nothing to do or because they needed anything in return. They were there through tick and thin simply because they cared. So, this Christmas let’s reach out! Let’s show through actions that we care and value the sacrifices; efforts, time, the values their actions imparted in our lives.


  • Everyone has his/her life issues– yeah, life often times is a whirlpool. Most times we’re so engrossed in our own world, we forget the truly important things, i.e, being there for others, asking after them once in a while. No matter how self-contained one is or has become, we still need others in our lives.  Let’s consciously make “room/s” for others in our lives. This yuletide season would be a great time to start. Haha…

  • Reconciling-where’s needed, doesn’t make one weak or silly but stronger and happier- this joyous season- let’s fully embrace the freedom that comes through the “grace“- reach out to those we hurt; those we believed hurt us; those that for one reason or another we distanced ourselves from. Let’s extend love, forgiveness, friendship, apologies wherever it’s needed- and acceptance.

The Celebration of Christmas, I believe would be a farce if we don’t share it with loved ones and those we care about. There should be no room for bitterness in our heart this season. Let it go… allow healing to take place. Let that euphoric feeling that comes with Christmas- take your heart to a good place. A place where old wounds are no more. A place where sadness is replaced with joy unspeakable. A place of warmth. Be free…

I wish you and all yours, a happy celebration. Merry Christmas!!!