I Met A Man

Hahaha…that’s right. This is a lady’s story. Hear what she has to say. This man ticked all the boxes. A good listener, caring, thoughtful and “God fearing”. Let’s call him John.

John would call first thing in the morning and last before going to bed. He initially talked about his past which according to his tales was packed to the brim with sad and horrid stories. I didn’t talk about my past at all. To me, it was all in the past now. For the first time I saw a man who didn’t pry. Lol! Little did I know what was coming. Haha..

He was bold and decisive, knew what he wanted. Wow…did such men still exist? John wanted a condusive home of peace and harmony, consisting of wife and children – don’t we all? He also had an aged mother to cater for. So kind hearted, a human being! I was excited for such a monumental fortune “change” in a relationship. That’s the thing. It seemed I actually expected such a human being to exist. Didn’t l? I’ve no idea.

Well, one morning, I got a phone call that shattered to piece my sand castle. It was a distress call, John’s mother had been shot by armed rubbers. She was being wheeled into the hospital as I was informed by the caller. He couldn’t be reached on phone!I was told. I immediately tried to reach him to no avail.

The calls kept coming, I remember wondering why I was the one being called incessantly on a case like this? But there were no time to muse, the doctor informed me, she needed to be in surgery asap. I made a decision l would’ve made if she were to be my mother. I told the doctor to commence surgery and save her life. I was told how much to deposit into the hospital account before surgery could begin. I believed I did well under pressure. After the surgery, John later returned my call. I told him all that happened. He was stunned to say the least. He called me an angel for saving his mom.

I was glad, I could help. That’s all I said. Except, none of it were true. It was all theatrics, “staged”. He was a fraud trying to steal from me. I’ve thought hard through all these- and I keep asking myself, what I’d have done differently or what I’d do if someone ever needed my help again, for real or fake? The trauma alone of vizualizing a mother dying on a hospital gurney because her son couldn’t be reached.

It’s a lesson learned, the hard way. I know now what human being are capable of-all for money. How much was it that you stooped so low…

Hahaha…what’s your thoughts on love scam?

Do have a wonderful evening, you all!

Are You An Asset???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic is on the cliché “Are you an asset? Lol! These words are spoken over an over by relationships experts so nonchalantly- but are you valuable to your partner, in your relationship? Don’t get me wrong. I think being an asset could be mis-understood if care isn’t taken.

Now- let’s define the word Asset; the English Dictionary defines Asset as- a useful or valuable quality. It also could be defined as- anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company.

Most people mouth these words, expecting asset to mean only tangible values i.e monetary values, wealth. I think that mindset can not totally define asset. A person could be valuable through their reasoning, behavior, through values added by being real. Being a role model can shape another person’s life.

Now- back to our discussion, are you an asset to your lady/man? The outcome of your relationship might determine that or not. Nobody wants to loose an asset- but you could be of value to someone else, where another thought you weren’t of any value. It all depends on his or her mindset and outlook to life. Your value will never be appreciated by someone who has no need for what you bring to the table. Someone who needs what you’ve got will value you- now that’s what compatibility is all about! Join me on here, let’s share our thoughts on being an asset. Do have a lovely day!

Love Yourself!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

my topic today says; love yourself

I read a very sad story this morning on Facebook of a “young lady” that committed suicide after being jilted. According to the story, she’d been in a relationship with a young man who broke up with her after about 12yrs in a relationship. Painful…sad, I know…  but suicide??? Really? Over someone who didn’t see or “forgot” your value? That’s extreme.

A breakup is always painful if you’re the one jilted. C’mon, get angry, cry if you feel like it! You feel let down, disappointed, unappreciated, taken for granted… It’s normal to feel those things. Don’t  bottle the anger or pain. It’s allowed and a very crucial part of healing. Move on with your life. Someday, someone who sees your value, who understands and appreciate you’ll come by. To commit suicide over a breakup means, you never valued or appreciated yourself. You let someone else be your source of happiness. You simply don’t love yourself enough to be your own source of joy, to hold your life dear. lt’s your life afterall.

Anyone in a relationship should be mature enough to know it’s never a done deal. It could go either way. Therefore, never tie your entire life on another person’s decision or mindset. It could work or not and it’s never a do or die affair. If it works out, oh! Good! If not, dust yourself, move on. That, it didn’t work, might not be because of things you didn’t do a certain way. Maybe, you just weren’t compatible. Someone else who might understand you better or be exactly what you’ve needed all along would come by, when you let go.

Committing suicide over a fellow who waited for 12yrs to make a decision on a relationship? If it didn’t work, it’s simply because one person was dissatisfied all along. You should’ve seen the handwriting on the wall and moved on. I implore us all, let’s use our head when necessary in a relationship and not lose our heart or life over someone that ordinarily didn’t matter.

Do have a lovely day, you all!

What is Racism???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My topic today is about that “known” fact we’re all afraid to admit to ourselves; we’re all guilty of- most human beings are guilty of exhibiting this trait. You heard me right- “Racism.”

What is Racism? Lol! Don’t frown yet. Hear me out. The English Dictionary defines racism as- the prejuice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races.

This definition is self explanatory- to explain this in layman’s term simply means that a particular race assume, they’re superior to other races. To this race, others are inferior to their race.

Let’s be fair and realistic here. Almost every race subconsciously feel this way towards another race. It might not apply to every other race but – we all feel some races are inferior to ours.

Good! I see that, I’ve got your attention for a moment.

Subconsciously, we all segregate. Take for instance in Africa here- there’s this fierce tribalism. Some exibit this trait unknowningly. Funny enough, a tribalistic African would instantly spot, a racist act, either because, subconsciously he/she expected it to be there. Frankly, it might not be what it seemed.

The way forward, if you asked me-is that we stop assuming we know what’s in the other person’s mind. Let’s not read unnecessary meanings to others actions. If it was racist inclined- it’d be a wasted effort, therefore useless.

Racism exist, but this is the 21st Century. Let’s dump superiority complex. Let’s all embrace one another; accommodate one another without rancor or looking down on any race. What we need to move forward in life might be ingrained in someone we view as inferior.

Everyone should be involved. Look deep, you’d find out, even you and I are guilty of racism.

Do have a wonderful evening, you all!

Eerie Feelings Around Me

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic says;

Eerie Feelings Around Me

Over the  years I’ve always frowned on conspiracy theories. It always seemed farfetched to me until recently. Obviously I never thought I could be framed or be caught in a Web so strong that not a single soul could inform me of what made me a center of attention. 

I returned to my home State in Nigeria, a State in the Eastern part of the Country in 2017, haven grown-up basically  in Benin Republic.  It took quite a while to adjust. There was this eerie feeling about the place. The entire State seemed to be a little too quite to my taste. Everyone seemed to be in agreement with whatsoever was broacasted; discussed or announced even at workplaces. There happend to be no obvious development. There were refuse heeped and littered at all corners. 

I actually adjusted to an extent by staying mostly indoors, then it began. I felt like my every move was being watched. Suddenly neighbors were mimicking my utterances. I got so pissed, so irritated by their actions. I knew instantly, there was a serious propaganda network against me, but I had no proof, even at the moment. Market women hiked the prices of foodstuffs as soon as I entered the market. I was mostly aghast at there behavior. At a point, I decided to shop at Shoprite for groceries. Being the type that hates attention.I became defiant. Each time they rushed out to watch me pass by, I got more aloof. Suddenly, no single phone call came to my phone. At a point, I called home. I asked mom if there was something going on, I was unaware of. She sounded off, yet she answered on the negative. I still reached out to my elder brother who presently lives in the United States. I asked him, not because I expected him to know what was happening in my home State, rather I asked in case he had been briefed of whatever was going on by people at home. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I left for home, because at this point I’d become seriously frightened. 

What alerted me to the gruesomeness of my situation was that as I got to the park, which is owned by the State, no single vehicle wanted to load for my destination. A driver later took pity on me. He carried me alone to the city where I alighted at my usual bus stop. I got to my family house, boiling with rage for such betrayal. There’s no how, my family wasn’t aware of whasoever the coldness and loothsome glares were about. As I write at this very moment, I’m so frightened,  yet cover my fears. How am I suppose to explain or find out what has frightened me so? Yet I put on a brave face, hold my head high, carry on daily ativities, feigning nonchalance towards my plight, without knowing what tomorrow brings or if I’d live long enough to get to the root of what gave me this feeling of something awful about to happen. God forbid! I’m sure whatever this is; was created out of a vicious propaganda.

I’ll survive this, whatever “this” means.



Speaking Up For A Change???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

I’ll have to digress a bit tonight. There’re times I often wonder whether being silent and mistaken for a fool is better than talking out loud. Why am I suddenly unsure, which is which? Growing up, I come from a home where voicing your opinion on any issue is a God given right. We all spoke freely at home and none was ever judged for speaking up, by my parents. Lol! There were ocassional reprimand, if one spoke out of tune or was rude.

Well…recently, there has been so many incidents that made me wonder if my upbringing was being questioned. Being in a Country where everyone wants “changes” made by the Government, yet everyone chooses his/her words “so” carefully. I remember vividly being sent to a particular  meeting by my former boss recently, where I questioned a particular data given as an update. I could feel the loathsome glare of every participant at the meeting on me-they were affronted- that I didn’t shut my mouth and behaved as expected of me, “a mere low level officer”.Well…I dug my foot in…it was obvious I’d stepped out of line, didn’t confound myself to the status quo. 

The above scenario came to mind during the youth protest in my Country Nigeria. There’s something I’ve discovered about a people or anyone who hardly complains about issues. Most times, the anger, pain, distrust, are kept well hidden and could be set off easily, once it couldn’t be endured anymore. If not, why would anyone in Nigeria protest over “Police Brutallity”? The shock, blew my mind. There’re so many reasons a Nigerian youth should protest. The list of what’s needed for “change” is staggering. Where does one begin? Now- hear me out. Years back, I remember not being able to go home due to insecurity in my city. There were years I couldn’t even travel to my home town. The danger were so real, you’d be foolish to travel along the road, long route home. Those that flew on airplanes, won’t know what I’m talking about- you weren’t robbed on air.

The thing is- it takes bravery to rise up and speak boldly to the authority of any nation, when things are not done as it should- so the bravery of standing for one’s right should be applauded- but what you fight for should leave a bold mark for the next generation…something a daughter or son, would hear someday and admire his/her parents boldness to make a difference, to make things better than they were.

My point is- there’re issues worth fighting for in our Country, the Western world have their culture, and well-planned structure on ground, that made them who they’re. The things we do, should be tailored according to our own needs. The realities on ground. The greatest issues ever had in our Country are; Insecurity, Bad Goverance, Corruption,  Unemployments, bad roads, poor road networks, dilapidated healthcare, pension frauds, poor power supply, Police extortions etc. These are problems staring at an average Nigerian face. The anger boils, because an average Nigerian suppresses his/her feelings. This hidden anger could be more dangerous than a landmine, if not addressed urgently. It’s no longer about what set off the fuse- instead, what was done to avoid a catastrophic outcome.

How can we achieve our goals, which is to be better, by destroying “our” own little efforts to develop a Country to be proud of- any day, anywhere?

Why Do We Judge Others So Nonchalantly???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Wow! It’s a miracle that we’ve all made it so far. What a year! It hasn’t been funny at all.

Am I the only one feeling like I’m on a Rollercoaster ride this year? Haha… I hope not. I intend to snap out of it, stronger and wiser.

What do you do when you feel, you’ve been misunderstood? Most times I shrug it off as nothing; irrelevant. Well…that might not be the best approach to life. Something happened recently that made me realize shrugging issues off may not solve the problem. I’m deeply troubled by this insiteful thought. Lol! I discovered, my attitude towards events, issues, tends to give room for malicious interpretations, to otherwise very normal or hard decisions I make at times.

My question this evening is;

Why Do We Judge Others So Nonchalantly???

Lol! Yeah…that’s my topic today.

There’re people whose stories will give one a hair-rising chill, if heard from them directly. Over the years I’ve learnt that things often aren’t what they seemed. I have seen severally where, “a dog is given a bad name, so that it could be killed” pardon the cliché, you know what I mean…lol!

Why do I feel so disillusioned? I have always believed that there’re two sides to a coin. Stories could be cooked up but a discerning mind should know the difference. What would be the faith of those not heard but judged by others, through what appeared to be the obvious conclusion?

I implore us all not to judge others nonchalantly. We don’t know what they’ve been through- where they’re coming from. Their stories, if ever told, might send quiver down one’s spine. A person seemingly egocentric, may just be a distracted fellow. You never can tell…so don’t jump into conclusion.  I so dislike when someone adds two and two and gets nine or something…lol!

I’m only sharing my personal opinion, but if it speaks to your mind, if it touches a soul tonight, then I’m glad…

What Matters Most???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Aww…it feels good to be back! It’s been awhile. Well, my today’s topic says;

What Matters Most???

My fellow ladies out there above 30yrs of age, don’t get me wrong. I’m not implying that marriage isn’t important. Heck! I’m not even suggesting it’s not necessary. All I’m saying is – it would only be worth it, with the right partner. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that getting married is the major goal of most of our women. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been accused of many things including being “sick”. Lol! As a reason I’m not married yet. Hahaha…I’m hale and hearty people! All I’m saying is -“should it be”?

A lot of our women rush into marriage, through desperation. Some, become miserable for the rest of their lives maybe because of a wrong decision made or by being in an abusive marriage. I see any woman getting hitched as brave. Yeah…I’m being honest here. I understand too well,   that marriage isn’t a bed of Roses. Also I know it could turn out well. So I’m aware that anyone venturing into it, has to be optimistic to an extent a team player, to make it work.

Here’s the crux of the matter, should it be the “yard stick”? Shouldn’t women dare to be more? Should “Mrs” be the only identity a lady should aspire for? If that is so, why acquire skills; advanced knowledge? These days when I hear bits and pieces of conversations from our young ladies, all I feel is despair. There’s this blatant lack of focus on anything but marital aspiration. Marriage is important. I want that too, just like every other lady out there but should it be the only goal a woman should aim for in life? What if it turned out not to be enough?

I started Kareninspirational to unburden some of the thoughts I often had in my head. I wanted it to be a means to reach out to like minds and interact. Ladies!!! Let’s dare to be more! The right man will come, when he comes. Our lives occupation shouldn’t be running around like headless Chickens, auditioning and in search for men. The right man will locate you. Lol! It is even in the scriptures. Hahaha…

Why Blame Others???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Wow! It’s been a while. How’s the day going? Smootly, I hope.

My today’s topic says;

Why Blame Others???

Lol! I see brows being raised. Well- curiosity kills the cat- they say. Uhm…where am I headed with this epistle?

My focus today is on relationships. Oftentimes I hear men “whining” mostly about ladies that rejected their proposal for a relationship and still ended up alone. Haha.. this is hilarious. Please I would like to know the “connection” here. As a man- do you ask every lady you meet out? Is it all the women that crosses your path, that you connect with? Why then do you expect every lady you speak with to be “grateful” instantly- thank her “God” for the previledge to be spoken to by you. Lol!

There’re different categories of men I’ve taken notice of lately. One thing I found out they’ve in common, is this unbearable “ego” that a woman should be grateful and worship the ground they walked on, because they’re the best thing since sliced – bread. Hahaha..

The categories are-

  • The superficial- vain, shallow, type of men who never quite figure out what they want in life. This type rely mostly on their looks to be enough to get them by. They never have core values or place any value on relavant things. They’re often focused on trivial things, stuffs that real men have no time for. Now when a sensible woman sees this traits and rejects their offer for a relationship. Why would anyone think she would regret being on her own than being with such a nuisance? Haha…are you getting my point?
  • The “timid”- these ones would boast to their friends about their prowess and expertise but the truth remains that they’re tongue-tied and timid once in the presence of a lady. There’s nothing that irritates a woman, especially the career focused type as a man, not bold enough to state what he wants or needs. Haa! What’s the worst that could happen? To her, it’s as simple as you expressing why you think a relationship with her is a good idea. If you can’t do even that. Then how can you handle “communication” while in the relationship? Lol! That’ll simply be a disaster waiting to happen. Now- pray tell, how’ll a sensible person regret not allowing such a mishap in her life? If you can not express your feelings to someone you supposedly care about, maybe you don’t care about that person as much as you think- because if you do, then you’ll do whatever you’ve got to do to be with him/her.
  • The hardcore manipulators- these ones. It’s all about them and nobody else. Every plan, thoughts, actions, is viewed singularly by how it’ll affect their own “perfect plans.” They search for someone that will “fit-in” into their already mapped out plans, not giving a thought what your ambition or plans are This type has no room for compromise, nothing gives. To them, it’s all or nothing.

There’s no perfect man out there nor any perfect woman for that matter. We’re mostly searching for the same thing. Someone who’ll see the good in us and work with it to bring out the “best” in us. Not someone who will zealously bring out the worst in us. This might be the reasons some said “NO” to you. As a man, if you’re ready to make a relationship work, it’ll probably work. Your approach towards wooing a lady matters alot. Show her you’re willing to be a team, not a “one man” squad. Communicate with her. She isn’t a soothsayer. Hear her out sometimes, you could be surprised by her apt understanding of the situation.

If this piece changes your view on some women. If it opens up a door in your mind that it’s not that simple or simply black or white. If you now see, there’re grey areas too- why some women rejected you in the past and let the “bitterness” go. Then, I believe this writeup has served it purpose and was meant for you! Do have a wonderful weekend you all!

Reach Out This Yuletide Season!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Whoa! It’s been ages!!! Merry Christmas to all you lovely people out there!

My today’s topic says;

Reach Out This Yuletide Season!!!

I’ve learned some great lessons these past months. Few of the lessons are-


  • Never take for granted those who had your back during the tough times- they didn’t do that because they had nothing to do or because they needed anything in return. They were there through tick and thin simply because they cared. So, this Christmas let’s reach out! Let’s show through actions that we care and value the sacrifices; efforts, time, the values their actions imparted in our lives.


  • Everyone has his/her life issues– yeah, life often times is a whirlpool. Most times we’re so engrossed in our own world, we forget the truly important things, i.e, being there for others, asking after them once in a while. No matter how self-contained one is or has become, we still need others in our lives.  Let’s consciously make “room/s” for others in our lives. This yuletide season would be a great time to start. Haha…

  • Reconciling-where’s needed, doesn’t make one weak or silly but stronger and happier- this joyous season- let’s fully embrace the freedom that comes through the “grace“- reach out to those we hurt; those we believed hurt us; those that for one reason or another we distanced ourselves from. Let’s extend love, forgiveness, friendship, apologies wherever it’s needed- and acceptance.

The Celebration of Christmas, I believe would be a farce if we don’t share it with loved ones and those we care about. There should be no room for bitterness in our heart this season. Let it go… allow healing to take place. Let that euphoric feeling that comes with Christmas- take your heart to a good place. A place where old wounds are no more. A place where sadness is replaced with joy unspeakable. A place of warmth. Be free…

I wish you and all yours, a happy celebration. Merry Christmas!!!

“Being Insecure In A Relationship”

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic says;

Being Insecure In A Relationship

What does it mean to be insecure? Oxford English Dictionary defines insecurity as; uncertainty or anxiety about oneself/lack of confident in oneself.

Let’s bring this trait down to a relationship scenario. As simple and unfathomable as this trait sounds. A lot of people silently struggle with it. This trait manifest in various ways in people. In some, it makes them aggresive, in some, abusive, there are some that it makes see everyone or anyone around them as a threat. Usually, such person has no sense of self-worth. He/she might try to mask it by belittling others. Some show theirs by being overly jealous or always finding faults in other people.

My focus tonight is on the ladies especially, gentlemen aren’t exempted though. In my opinion a lot of women should really work on themselves. Develop a sense of self-love/self-worth. Everyone is unique in his/her own way. People treat you exactly how you treat yourself.

As a lady, how would you handle a situation, where you feel or know that your partner has been distracted in your relationship? Let’s say he has become noncommittal to the whole thing. I guess my question is, what exactly is the right call to make at this juncture? I’m no expert on the matter. What I do know from life experience is that you do not solve a problem by creating more. From my observations and a bit of research. I’ve come to understand that If your relationship is in a bad place, you don’t expect it to magically pull itself from a tight spot and become fully functional again by being bitchy, a pain in the neck, or disrespectful, mean, verbally/ physically abusive, lacking confidence in yourself, in your capabilities.

I think one’s best bet in such situation is- firstly, check yourself. Have you changed lately? Do you still listen to your partner? Do you still have serious talks about your relationship, way forward? Did you stop taking good care of yourself? Are you now nonchallant about those things he used to like about you? Do you still make efforts to spice up your relationship? Have you worked on those traits that your partner detests? Frankly, these questions raised here are for both parties. Male or female should be comfortable enough to ponder on such questions whenever things seemed rocky in one’s relationship. I believe it’s little things that actually builds strong relationships or break them.

Now- after mulling over the relationship, if one believes it’s entirely the partners fault, then try to communicate, discuss the issue in a mature manner. It would be an easier pill to swallow by one’s partner. If one opened the discussion by admitting he/she was ready to take the blame completely until he/she discovered, he or she wasn’t entirely the problem. At this point, there’s no point escalating things by laying it tick. Sticking to basics is always one’s best option. If your relationship matters to your partner, he/she will work on areas where conflicts, issues arises from but if he/she doesn’t care anymore. Grovelling won’t do you any good, you know? That’s where your self confidence comes in, mind you, I don’t mean pride. If your partner refuses to try make things work, with head held high, live your life. He/she may realize his/her mistake or not. What matters is that you don’t give anyone a free pass to make you miserable. What’s your view on this? Do share with us here.

Did I Advocate Promiscuity??? Hell No!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…


Some months back I talked about situations that might have aided insecurities/uncertainties that so many ladies in our society faces in their various relationships . And why a lot of the singles out there now “heed” to this advise; https://kareninspirational.com/2017/03/23/all-eggs-in-one-…u-for-or-against/

-which ordinarily isn’t ideal. The post being referred to was titled-

“All Eggs In One Basket/ Are You For Or Against???”

Personally, I detest unfaithfulness in a relationship. It’s just not in me to ignore irresponsible/unruly behavior in a relationship, unless I’m unaware. Be that as it may, a lot depends on how the perpetrator viewed his/her action.​


However, that’s not what this post is about.  A comment on my Facebook page  Kareninspirational For Singles-  got to me. I’d like to explain more here. Although I replied, I felt he still didn’t get what I was on about at the time. I’d intended then, to respond through a new post- knowing well,  he might not had been the only one who misunderstood the previous post, but other things got in the way. So, here we are;
It was just that single question. But was it loaded?! Lol! He asked why I gave such offensive advice, “encouraging people to cheat in their relationships,” paraphrased. He asked what I intended to achieve. “It was deceitful of me”. He quipped.  Well… I responded by advising him to peruse the article again to grasp what it was truly about.

What got to me however was how men are quick most times to defend oppressive “norms” in our society. Which mostly work in their favour. Some of the defensive techniques now being displayed by some female folks were improvised to cub the thoughtless and callous attitudes of some men.

​As a single lady in my opinion, if the relationship isn’t serious, no commitments whatsoever. Why hang on to it? Even if you’re engaged. Do you aspire to become “Lord of the Rings?” There has to be a reasonable period of time, you could wait for someone.  Move on if commitment isn’t forthcoming. Don’t lie to yourself, if things aren’t working out, you can feel it already. Don’t be desperate. Don’t force yourself on someone who has made you an option or a backup strategy. The thing is- eventually you may regret it. If you found the courage to move on- never allow yourself to be blackmailed. Some will psych you into believing it didn’t work because you left. Really?

The hard truth is- some spend years in a relationship only for a partner to break up, leave at the doff of a hat, with some flimsy excuse or without any in some cases. Now- place a lady that entered such a relationship at 24/25yrs of age in this scenario- say 3 to 4yrs later. She’s left to start afresh, to cultivate a new relationship from the scratch. Say, she’s 28/29yrs or thereabout at this time. Why should this lady hang on to you or date you exclusively for two/three yrs if you’d refused discussing where the relationship was headed?

On this particular post above, I didn’t actually  advocate promiscuity ” Not putting all the eggs in one basket.” Doesn’t necessarily mean cheating. A lady could date casually, no intimacy or all that. All she needs is to be open minded.  The  aim for dating is to know a bit more about the person. However I pointed out that I totally grasp the reasons behind not  wanting to be exclusive with someone who’s uncommitted to the relationship.

​Has anyone noticed how vocal and agitated some men become if anything or anyone threatens the paradigm? The status quo? It  baffles me that someone who failed to define his relationship after a year or two would feel he’s entitled to exclusive relationship, when he has made absolutely no iota of commitment to that relationship. Shouldn’t that be likened to one “eating his cake and having it still?”

What’s your view on this issue? Do share it with me on here. Have a wonderful day you all!

Why Do Some Mistake Being A Pushover For Being Humble?

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

I do have an interesting topic today. In fact it’s a question I’d love some genuine answers to, because -this is a topic I’ve been mulling over for a while now.

Why Do Some Mistake Being A Pushover For Being Humble???

Lol! I told you it’s an intriguing topic! Now-what does it mean to be a pushover? The English dictionary defines -Pushover as;

  • Someone who is easily swayed or influenced to change his/her mind or comply.
  • Someone who lets him/herself to be picked or bullied on-without defending or stand up for him/herself.

Now- let’s find out what -Humility means;

  •  This means being humble, egolessness, humbleness in character and behavior.
  • Modesty-being modest, moderate behavior, reserved, pudency.

Okay! Now let’s apply the two in  relationships setting. At times when I observe some relationships in our society, I just shake my head. Most men in our society today both those that are principled and the unprincipled – ask them what they need in a woman. They’d all chime-“a humble woman.” Haha… but the question is, how many actually grasp what it truly means to be humble?

Well- let me paint a picture here of what these two terms stands for, so as to be clear on what my questions are. Assuming,  Mr.Jones has been in a relationship with Kate for about 3yrs and counting… and he, like a drill sergeant  “instructs” Kate on what he wants from her, the relationship and on how uncomplicated he wants things- she goes, “yes bae, I understand.” “She needs to talk- he goes, not now Kate.” She keeps it in, afraid to move even a brick, lest the “sand house” falls apart. They hardly really talk about anything, don’t have the rapport to really know what makes the other partner tick. What truly excite him/her or what secretly pisses him/her off. Instead there’s this unbreakable veil shielding both. Still, they’ve been together for years, no frictions, little or no squabbles, no lovers spats. Haha…how can there be? Since Kate has been reformatted. Here- Mr. Jones tells himself, this is the most uncomplicated relationship I’ve ever had. Kate is “uncomplicated” not demanding, gives me no stress! He goes-she’s humble, exactly what I need!​

This second scenario, let’s say a Mr. Michael and his partner Elizabeth. Theirs has been a little over 8months. And yet Lizzy knows so much about Mike already. They talk, they argue, they’ve sweet memories already and sad ones too. Elizabeth says her mind. She’s herself most times. If she’s offended by Mr. Michael she says so. If she wasn’t comfortable about something that happened – she stands her ground, ask for explanations. She’s respectful actually, reserved, modest but knows when a manipulative card is being played and hate being treated unfairly, if such happens. Now- Mr. Michael goes, aww…she’s awesome, exciting, lots of fun to be with but I wish she’s humble. Lol!

​The thing is- those two scenarios plays out in lots of relationships out there. One begins to wonder, what exactly does the term humble mean to some? I believe if people could answer these questions of mine-which’re;

  1. What does humility mean to you specifically?
  2. Are you sure “humility” is the appropriate trait, you’re searching for or  docility? It could be confusing, just saying… those are my questions.

There would be less disillusionments after”the vows.” Also less embarrassing situations than we read about regularly these days about couples. If our men would put ego aside and ponder on those “humble” questions of mine before making that crucial move.
l think I’ve said enough- you alone know what humility means to you- let’s just hope it still means what it should mean. Do have a wonderful week you all!

Wow!!! Happy New Year!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

This is the new year! Lol! I’m so excited- probably because 2017 is gone! What a whirlwind of a year that was! To discover one is still alive and kicking is exhilarating.

This is 2018. A lot of us have made new year resolutions. Well- it’s all good. It’s all about determination and discipline. Nothing good comes easy. Haha. That’s right! I’m in a high spirit this day. Maybe because I can feel the vibe of this very young year. This year seems to be a year of “free styling” lol! If you know what I mean. If you need joy, celebrations, peace, advancement, a new level, change, next level in life, progress, upliftment- the year seems to be purring this soft words into my ears- ” create it!” YES!!!

Funny enough, I like it. What better way to be what you want to be or achieve your goals than to focus, right from the start and create the atmosphere you desire? This is not the year for excuses! Sorry- that bus has left the station! This new year- let’s face the truth. We all know our weaknesses already. And to become an achiever this year 2018. First and foremost we must admit we’ve these weaknesses- device a way to do away with them, discard them or curb them. To achieve our various goals we must conquer these weaknesses or suppress them. We need to confront our “fears” head on.! Lol! How many heads does it have? It’s all about determination.


Ladies and gentlemen, if one had always failed at a particular venture in the past. This is the time to confront that past and ask the right question, which is-“why”? Let’s find out why we failed in 2017 or in the past. That’s the only way to get the answers we seek in 2018. If you failed in all your previous relationships- this is the perfect time to find out -“why.” What made it so?That’s the only way to make corrections for the future( this new year). Like I said earlier. Only you and I can make 2018 what we envisioned it to be.

The “work” for the future( the year we envisioned) starts now. It’s not about new year resolutions. It’s about visions, goals and the strive to accomplish them all. If you want a happy relationship with your partner this year 2018- then find out your needs. If this present relationship isn’t what you need then you know what to do, if your aim is to accomplish something better this year. But if what you’ve is exactly what you need, then fight for it and create the atmosphere you’ve always dreamt of because, this year 2018- our lives would be what we visualized and created. If you truly want “it.” Go for it!

The thing is-in the year 2018. Don’t expect apples if you planted oranges. Think hard of what you need. If it’s apple juice- then this new year, plant your apples. Don’t plant bitter lemons now and expect apple juice later in the year.

I wish us all- a wondrous and prosperous year ahead! Bon anneé!!!

Merry Christmas To All!!! Women Can We Be Better???

​Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My topic today is about women. Pardon me to digress a bit. Lol! Raise your hand if you’re a woman, yet you avoid a lot of these folks like the plague! Haha… I’m sure I’m not the only one who find some of their “drama “so tiring, nauseating, pathetic…ugh!

This topic would appear to be an over flogged issue but it isn’t really, it’s rather bothersome considering the damage their spiteful nature causes all around them. Now the worse case scenarios always rears its head among the insecure/ low self-esteemed ones. Lol! I mean why hate just for hating sake? Everyone is different- so, why not discover what makes you unique, instead of spending quality time trying to pull others down- instead of developing yourself? It seems like a fool’s errand to me.

​If you’re a lady but prefer guys as close friends, then you know what I mean. There are different categories I’ve discovered.

  • Those who pull others down because they feel insecure.
  • There’re those who are simply spiteful in nature- nothing someone else does is good enough for them.
  • The envious ones- lol! These ones are quite dangerous. Always green with envy. It doesn’t matter if they’re better off than you. Their customized inbuilt “envy clock “never stops ticking.
  • There’re those that’d live far above their earnings just to feel trendy, because they’re always competiting with “imaginary” competitors. Why bother? Would anyone flog you if you’re yourself? Why put yourself under unnecessary pressure for things you really can’t afford? C’mon…who frigging cares?

The sad truth is- no one really cares. It’s your inner being that matters. If you’re a gossip- haha…believe you me- no amount of clothes or sophistication would cover that. A vicious viper with dangerous tongue? One day, it’s going to rear it’s ugly head and bite you in the butt. Lol!

I keep wondering-ladies- why can’t we be more like men? Be our sister’s keeper? Stop- dissing, malicious conducts, spitefulness,envy, backbiting, mischievousness? Would that stop us from being “female”? Feminine? Haa! I doubt.

All fingers weren’t made  equal- God makes no mistake. If she’s what you’d rather be, then strive to be “it”( more like her). Don’t hate her or tear her down for it.

Lets use this festive season to work on ourselves ladies. Cut your clothes according to your size and shape. And be contented with the outcome. Avoid constantly comparing yourself to someone else- that’s “insecurity” right there! Love who you’re- pulling others down wouldn’t make you better- rather it makes you cruel, ugly even, to be honest.

My ladies…lets make this joyous season of Christmas- a season of goodwill, love, kindness, sober reflection, developing self, eradicating nauseating behaviours etc.

I wish us all- a Merry Christmas!!!


Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic might touch a nerve. Sorry! Lol!



Why Do We Romanticize The Past? Based on my observations on relationships. I’m of the opinion that most baggages one struggles with after a broken relationship is often created by oneself – by refusing to let go of the past.


Well- many attimes  we reminisce of the good old days. Tell tall tales of how it was a period in our lives matched by no other. We often paint it so good, everything else seems mundane. Well- I’m not here as an expert on the matter. I don’t know that it’s right or wrong. I believe as thumbs are different, so are people. We’re all unique in our ways and must’ve cogent reasons for our actions.


People all over the globe, keep searching for that particular person, they connect with on a different level. A feeling attested to be “real” by those lucky to have experienced it. Elusive as it often is- a risk, some’re willing to take though- no matter the race, colour, tribe, maturity, age, sophistication, exposure. Could it be the reason people rekindle old flame? Not all but a large number of people do reconnect or rekindle their broken relationships or wish they had done so.


What exactly is the rationale behind going back to an ex? I mean- if one is being honest…there must’ve been reasons it didn’t work out the first time; such as fights, pains, disillusionment, betrayals, etc. Until it was stretched beyond limit- then it crumbled! So why do we deliberately ignore the ugly parts? Romanticizing something that had its “rough patches. ” Most times, hoping for a chance to try again- expecting a different outcome, which is rarely the case.

The thing is-the odds are against the “hopelessly romantic” probably expecting   a better outcome.

  • Firstly, the issues that caused the breakup aren’t often ironed out when the partners reconnect. In the heat of the moment, it often seem trivial.
  • Secondly- time must have passed. Things might not be as they were. It could either gets better or worse. Quite a huge risk I must say. All that energy- to resuscitate something lifeless/broken? Why not Channel it into building something new?
  • Each partner in that relationship could be walking on eggshells to avoid confrontations, trying too hard to make things work. Not a good sign, because those underlying issues would be there waiting to burst, once guards are down.
  • The partner who invested more in that relationship could find him/herself working tirelessly to keep it alive.
  • There might be changes that’d occurred while both were separated. For instance, the once lively, warm, exciting daredevil of a partner, who wasn’t afraid of trying something new, might have become a prude. It’d take a lot more than affection but a unique strong bond to make such work.

Now- having pointed out few of the numerous odds against one. The question is; is it worth it?


I’m not against anyone who wishes to try. Life is all about risks after all. I don’t encourage it either. It’s solely the individual involved that knows if it’s worth the risk and efforts or not. What I do know is that- when we stop romanticizing the past. Fewer people would wish to go back to an ex. Looking at one’s past dispassionately- seeing things as they truly were might just be the much needed cold bath, that would pull one back to reality. Haha..

How Do You Handle An Opinionated Partner???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Wow! It’s been a long while! Well-my topic today says;

How Do You Handle An Opinionated  Partner ???

Lol! I know… exasperating right? Who doesn’t know how infuriating this trait could be?

Now- to an extent, I think most people can attest to having been with someone with such trait at a certain point in their lives. A healthy dose of argument here or there doesn’t hurt anyone, when you and your partner are sure-footed but when a partner is vulnerable- it begins to sound condescending to him or her.


Personally, I love putting my points of view out there, expecting others to do same. So that the most sensible, takes the day. What a thrill such exercise gives! But recently I’ve become a bit more sensitive. Lol! I’m serious. In my excitement during most arguments, I never truly see how miffed the other parties often are- to them most times, it’s exhausting and could lead to secret resentment. You become something of a “know it all.” Lol! Opinions are free. Cheaper than a dime, a dozen. Haha.. Oh well! What can I say?

Back to my topic. Usually, having an opinion on issues that I’m interested in, was quite natural to me. In fact, it was like a sport. By observing a situation-subconsciously an opinion is already formed in my mind, which I’d voice out every chance I got. But recently, I was opportune to be in the company of  opinionated fellows- whoa! At first I was like, it’s just an harmless personal opinions. But as it escalated- became so regular. I actually felt violated! Whatthehell???

Now- don’t get me wrong. I still believe, I’d never intentionally force my opinions down anyone’s throat. Mine is always an honest perception but strictly mine. Even at that, I’m always eager to compare note with someone else’s view. There’s nothing I appreciate more than being convinced with  concrete points, that another’s view is more appropriate  than mine. So you can imagine my chagrin when I recently met two different people, not even same sex, who thought their opinions were the only one acceptable. It was foreign to me. As an adult, I believe everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. Why not?

At this stage in life, c’mon… one already knows things one likes or not, his/her preferences. For instance, you don’t like a certain lifestyle, food, drink or mode of dressing and someone out there, an adult like yourself, is hellbent on convincing you, that you actually do. But just “didn’t ” know it. Haa! Really? And surprisingly, he/she miraculously does? I’m not talking about acquired taste here- my focus is on the regular things that defines you.

What’s my point? Well- these two unrelated encounters taught me a valuable lesson in life. There’s this consciousness in me presently gliding towards how others may perceive my honest opinions. How’d you feel if your partner disagrees with every suggestion you make concerning your relationship? If he/she always feels his/her opinion is more superior? Not knowing you concede only to avoid unnecessary confrontations/bloodletting? Believe you me, it left a bitter taste in my mouth! Lol! I didn’t like that feeling one single bit.

What’s your view on this issue? Have you ever encountered such? What’s the best approach in your opinion? Share with us- it might help someone out there.


Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My today’s topic says;


Well- I’d  love to know your view on this over flogged phrase used mostly by men in our society, to describe ladies reactions while being wooed.

Now- what does wooing mean? The English dictionary defines it as; to endeavor to gain someone’s affection.  This act has been in existence for centuries. The world has evolved though- civilization, especially through the birth of social media has almost changed the wooing game completely. Some ladies are emboldened through civilization- and more likely to express their feelings towards a man they fancied or found interesting. Funny enough, these changes haven’t automatically scrapped the lamenting of some men; that some ladies play “hard to get” even when they’re interested in the proposed courtship.

My take on this wailing from men- on ladies playing hard to get or acting indifferent while being wooed by the opposite sex, is that- it shouldn’t be generalized. Every Tom, Dick and Pedro now claims, a lady played hard to get on him. Even though, it could just be a case of unrequited love.

The thing is- I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. My view is- I don’t believe it happens as frequently as those whose ego has been smashed to rubble, want us to believe. Has it ever occurred to some men that, a lady who refused to pick your calls- claimed too busy for a date with you, may just be passing across a direct message- which is, she isn’t interested. I mean, is it not similar to how some, initiate breakups? Some ladies find it difficult to reject a relationship proposal, straight to your face. Especially the sensitive ones; trying to save you that awkward conversation.

Fact is-some ladies play hard to get for real at least in our African setting. Upbringing plays a huge role in shaping one’s character. Those days, etiquette demanded a young lady should carry herself in a certain manner. Having been taught from childhood it’s unladylike to be unrestrained. Or show interest initially while being wooed.

Truth be told- some men actually badmouth/mistreat ladies who were interested in them from the onset. They would at times call such person cheap. Going by this belief, he won’t value the relationship and would eventually take her for granted. This particular logic agrees with the cliche- “people generally value what they made strenuous effort for.”

What about having an open mind? It may or may not be any of those plausible reasons. Things aren’t always what they seemed. What if she happened to be in a relationship and wasn’t interested or available? What if instinctively, she knew, she wouldn’t’ date you? What if just after minutes of talking with you on a first date- she had already seen traits that disgusted her? Do we really think a jerk, is that hard to spot? Lol. Or a braggart? Or a vain man- so fixated on his look? Or a pompous prig? Who thinks he’s the best thing since chocolate. Haha…these’re strictly my opinions though.

My point is- ego is a dangerous trait in any human being. You may never know her reasons for lack of interest initially. I think it’s so wrong to always assume it was an “act.” A lady may not like your personality at first. But something you did, maybe on a date or a particular trait you’ve may gradually melt her heart and endears you to her. That doesn’t mean she was pretending at first. It might just be that you gradually won her over. Understand that, she might not have been interested in you until she began to see traits she likes in you.

My humble advice? If she wouldn’t take your calls – shows absolutely zero interest in you. Move the heck on- she probably isn’t playing any stupid game. Could be, she’s simply not interested in you.