I’m Ukanwa Nnenna Karen. I grew up partly in BĂ©nin Republic and Nigeria. I am a Nigerian. I started Kareninspirational For Single Ladies Above 30yrs of Age, in 2016- due to the pressure that I’ve personally felt over the years as a single lady unmarried and above 30yrs of age. My intent was to interact with like minds. I didn’t want to be misunderstood or pressured into a bad marriage.

There were hurdles at the initial stage… I guess my goal was achieved, since what I needed most, was to unburden myself from thoughts, I often had in my head. I also tried hard to separate my personal life from my work. This, I believe was achieved beautifully, as I ran the blog- Kareninspirational.com- which now runs as- http://www.kareninspirational.wordpress.com- without discussing personal issues most times.

Kareninspirational For Singles…has come a long way, 4yrs running without a glitch. I give God the glory…