What’s The Role Of One’s Past In A Relationship?

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What’s The Role Of One’s Past In A Relationship?

I mean, what mature mind would go snooping into the past of their partner? For what exactly? What’s the rationale behind it? Is it lack of trust? Could this in anyway be well intended? What if you now meet those that your partner pissed off in the past while playing “Shelock Homes” with your partner’s life? What satisfaction would you derive from getting deforming or embellished comments, about someone you care about?A person’s life just like every other part of life evolves.

Most people learn from past mistakes, which means the person you’re currently dating may’ve changed from what he/she used to be. Past experience might have shaped him or her for the better. So why leave facts for myth? I think this situation can only occur if the man or lady has a pathetic low self-esteem. I mean, don’t you have enough faith in your own judgment? Don’t you’ve enough faith in yourself to believe what you know is what there is?

Maturity means leaving the past in the past. Why do strangers opinions, whom may never have had a close relationship with your partner, matter to you?

Everyone has a past, some good, some not so good. If you had had an ugly/nasty past, would it now hinder you from becoming whom you know you can be? It would if you drag that weight around you all through life. It wouldn’t if you drop it in the past where it belong and strive to be better. You might even surpass your dreams. This is because, you believe in yourself and won’t let the past define your future.

Now- back to the present. The past has shaped you into whom you’ve become, so it shouldn’t define one in a relationship. Instead, it should make one better.

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Eavesdropper’s Dilemma

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Today, I’ve a question. You overheard your partner’s discussion with someone he or she just slept with, they didn’t know you were there. Your partner vowed it would never happen again because of you. I wonder…what would be your reaction? Hahaha…it’s not funny, I know. Walk away before they notice you were there or charge in, to get the detail?

Whatever your reaction would be to such betrayal might probably be proportional to your feelings towards your partner. I came across something quite similar about a month or two ago but the said partner in this case, walked away quietly. That struck me as cowardly, odd even. In your opinion, which should be the right reaction?

I’m damned curious, people! Let’s hear your opinion. Lol!

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