Why Do We Judge Others So Nonchalantly???

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

Wow! It’s a miracle that we’ve all made it so far. What a year! It hasn’t been funny at all.

Am I the only one feeling like I’m on a Rollercoaster ride this year? Haha… I hope not. I intend to snap out of it, stronger and wiser.

What do you do when you feel, you’ve been misunderstood? Most times I shrug it off as nothing; irrelevant. Well…that might not be the best approach to life. Something happened recently that made me realize shrugging issues off may not solve the problem. I’m deeply troubled by this insiteful thought. Lol! I discovered, my attitude towards events, issues, tends to give room for malicious interpretations, to otherwise very normal or hard decisions I make at times.

My question this evening is;

Why Do We Judge Others So Nonchalantly???

Lol! Yeah…that’s my topic today.

There’re people whose stories will give one a hair-rising chill, if heard from them directly. Over the years I’ve learnt that things often aren’t what they seemed. I have seen severally where, “a dog is given a bad name, so that it could be killed” pardon the cliché, you know what I mean…lol!

Why do I feel so disillusioned? I have always believed that there’re two sides to a coin. Stories could be cooked up but a discerning mind should know the difference. What would be the faith of those not heard but judged by others, through what appeared to be the obvious conclusion?

I implore us all not to judge others nonchalantly. We don’t know what they’ve been through- where they’re coming from. Their stories, if ever told, might send quiver down one’s spine. A person seemingly egocentric, may just be a distracted fellow. You never can tell…so don’t jump into conclusion.  I so dislike when someone adds two and two and gets nine or something…lol!

I’m only sharing my personal opinion, but if it speaks to your mind, if it touches a soul tonight, then I’m glad…