Wow!!! Happy New Year!!!

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

This is the new year! Lol! I’m so excited- probably because 2017 is gone! What a whirlwind of a year that was! To discover one is still alive and kicking is exhilarating.

This is 2018. A lot of us have made new year resolutions. Well- it’s all good. It’s all about determination and discipline. Nothing good comes easy. Haha. That’s right! I’m in a high spirit this day. Maybe because I can feel the vibe of this very young year. This year seems to be a year of “free styling” lol! If you know what I mean. If you need joy, celebrations, peace, advancement, a new level, change, next level in life, progress, upliftment- the year seems to be purring this soft words into my ears- ” create it!” YES!!!

Funny enough, I like it. What better way to be what you want to be or achieve your goals than to focus, right from the start and create the atmosphere you desire? This is not the year for excuses! Sorry- that bus has left the station! This new year- let’s face the truth. We all know our weaknesses already. And to become an achiever this year 2018. First and foremost we must admit we’ve these weaknesses- device a way to do away with them, discard them or curb them. To achieve our various goals we must conquer these weaknesses or suppress them. We need to confront our “fears” head on.! Lol! How many heads does it have? It’s all about determination.


Ladies and gentlemen, if one had always failed at a particular venture in the past. This is the time to confront that past and ask the right question, which is-“why”? Let’s find out why we failed in 2017 or in the past. That’s the only way to get the answers we seek in 2018. If you failed in all your previous relationships- this is the perfect time to find out -“why.” What made it so?That’s the only way to make corrections for the future( this new year). Like I said earlier. Only you and I can make 2018 what we envisioned it to be.

The “work” for the future( the year we envisioned) starts now. It’s not about new year resolutions. It’s about visions, goals and the strive to accomplish them all. If you want a happy relationship with your partner this year 2018- then find out your needs. If this present relationship isn’t what you need then you know what to do, if your aim is to accomplish something better this year. But if what you’ve is exactly what you need, then fight for it and create the atmosphere you’ve always dreamt of because, this year 2018- our lives would be what we visualized and created. If you truly want “it.” Go for it!

The thing is-in the year 2018. Don’t expect apples if you planted oranges. Think hard of what you need. If it’s apple juice- then this new year, plant your apples. Don’t plant bitter lemons now and expect apple juice later in the year.

I wish us all- a wondrous and prosperous year ahead! Bon anneé!!!

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