Merry Christmas To All!!! Women Can We Be Better???

​Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My topic today is about women. Pardon me to digress a bit. Lol! Raise your hand if you’re a woman, yet you avoid a lot of these folks like the plague! Haha… I’m sure I’m not the only one who find some of their “drama “so tiring, nauseating, pathetic…ugh!

This topic would appear to be an over flogged issue but it isn’t really, it’s rather bothersome considering the damage their spiteful nature causes all around them. Now the worse case scenarios always rears its head among the insecure/ low self-esteemed ones. Lol! I mean why hate just for hating sake? Everyone is different- so, why not discover what makes you unique, instead of spending quality time trying to pull others down- instead of developing yourself? It seems like a fool’s errand to me.

​If you’re a lady but prefer guys as close friends, then you know what I mean. There are different categories I’ve discovered.

  • Those who pull others down because they feel insecure.
  • There’re those who are simply spiteful in nature- nothing someone else does is good enough for them.
  • The envious ones- lol! These ones are quite dangerous. Always green with envy. It doesn’t matter if they’re better off than you. Their customized inbuilt “envy clock “never stops ticking.
  • There’re those that’d live far above their earnings just to feel trendy, because they’re always competiting with “imaginary” competitors. Why bother? Would anyone flog you if you’re yourself? Why put yourself under unnecessary pressure for things you really can’t afford? C’mon…who frigging cares?

The sad truth is- no one really cares. It’s your inner being that matters. If you’re a gossip- haha…believe you me- no amount of clothes or sophistication would cover that. A vicious viper with dangerous tongue? One day, it’s going to rear it’s ugly head and bite you in the butt. Lol!

I keep wondering-ladies- why can’t we be more like men? Be our sister’s keeper? Stop- dissing, malicious conducts, spitefulness,envy, backbiting, mischievousness? Would that stop us from being “female”? Feminine? Haa! I doubt.

All fingers weren’t made  equal- God makes no mistake. If she’s what you’d rather be, then strive to be “it”( more like her). Don’t hate her or tear her down for it.

Lets use this festive season to work on ourselves ladies. Cut your clothes according to your size and shape. And be contented with the outcome. Avoid constantly comparing yourself to someone else- that’s “insecurity” right there! Love who you’re- pulling others down wouldn’t make you better- rather it makes you cruel, ugly even, to be honest.

My ladies…lets make this joyous season of Christmas- a season of goodwill, love, kindness, sober reflection, developing self, eradicating nauseating behaviours etc.

I wish us all- a Merry Christmas!!!

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