Don’t Quit

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My topic today says;

Don’t Quit.

We all know what quitting means. Don’t abandon your dreams/goals. Don’t renounce your beliefs or ideas because of negative aura around you. If you are positive in life, you have achieved half your goals already because you dared to hope. It isn’t over until it’s over. That project you ‘ve planned for a long time, still nothing…? That post at work, you have fixated your site on. That dream career you are in pursuit of. It can all still be achieved.

Often times things happen along the lines that would surely discourage us at one point or another. No worries. Those hindrances will actually make one savor the accomplishment when that goal is achieved. All I can say this morning is, let’s believe in ourselves, in our capabilities, be upright. The rest…

You have a project, everyone tells you, it  can’t be done- it’s not that simple. It’s requires this or that. Hmm mm? Hold on to it.

You work hard, quite good at what you do at your workplace- yet promotion keeps going to people not half as good as you are. Sad huh? Keep doing what you are doing. Your promotion may come to you but if it doesn’t, your experience will exonerate you at some point in life.

The greatest mistake a person passing through a difficult phase in life could make is, letting go; listening to negative thoughts in one’s head; or surrounding oneself with miserable/negative people. People that pepertualy see their cups as “half empty”.

Surround yourself with those or what makes you happy. Force yourself to be happy; be contented. Happiness is a choice, being frustrated or miserable will not spin your magic wand. It will only add to your woes. Whatever your situation is out there, remember there are a thousand and one persons passing through worse each day. Your situation can’t be worse than those of people that have spent months in hospital, those 6ft below you. Push self-pity aside, keep your eyes on your goals.

Have you noticed, the darkest hour is just before morning? Haha… let that thought guide you. At times when in despair, it will appear as if nothing will ever change, as if that would be the story of your life. But that’s not true. Don’t quit now, morning is almost here. “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”, they say.

Let me use this scenario to elaborate why it’s important not to quit no matter what. Take for instance the game of football. Two teams play. No matter how well your team played, if you were beaten, by your opponent, you lost. No one ever remembers how well you played because you lost. All your efforts, forgotten, wiped out from history. If you quit, you simply become, a “loser”. Hold your head high, be happy. Those who find it offensive you are happy should see a psychiatrist or something. Lol.

Also while you determine to hold on and not let anything distract you. Be also prepared for anything life throws your way. No one said life is a cruise.  It is what you make it out to be for you. Always running from pillar to post doesn’t make you busy. Makes you stupid if you ask me. Research well on any venture you are in pursuit of. So that it will worth your while eventually.

That’s all I have to say for now, will be back in no time.

Have a lovely week, you all!

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