Happy New Year My Beautiful Ladies! Be Cheery/ Be Positive!

Hello ladies…

Happy new year!/ Bonne année!

Let’s be cheery as we waltz right into 2017. It was no small feat!  I know… There were tough times, time of doubts, fears, worries but did it stop you? Hell no! Here we are, alive, full of dreams, plans, some projects already in progress. A day of jubilation and merry-making! why not?  If for no other reasons, because we are alive and in sound health to witness 2017.

As we celebrate, let’s reminiscence about the past year. Are there things we think we handled wrongly? Mistakes that we made? At this point, I don’t think regrets will solve anything. Let bygone be bygone. Let’s the past and its mistakes be in the past. The mistakes of the past was probably made to be learned from. Experience is the best teacher. No? What else teaches us life experiences? It’s not like it’s a course of study at the University or High school even. “Life 101” or something of that nature. Lol

As women, we generally worry too much. It takes a “special” grace or maturity to know that this excessive worries mostly changes nothing. Christmas has come and gone, despite being surrounded by love ones,one at times still feels alone, probably due to hanging around so many peers with their own unique little lovely families. There’s this fierce dread for the future and what it might hold.

Well… I know how that feels, but that yearning should not lead one to an irrational or rash decision this new year. Let’s not wallow in self-pity; depression; or pining over what one lost or desired which one had no “mythical” powers to change. Instead as the year begins, in this cheerful moments. Let all make plans towards what one can do, that would effect the changes one needs.

There are times it feels like some are taking undue advantage of your present situation, as a lady above thirty and unmarried. Push that “ugly” thought aside. Maybe it’s true, maybe not. If some now view you as a lost cause. Well…it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you feel about yourself, which is why you must stay focused and positive this new year. Believe in yourself, know yourself worth and don’t let society or peers tell you otherwise.

It might all seem like a waste of time. The experience you have acquired over the years will one day manifest itself in the maturity you exhibit in handling situations.

Let’s always strive to achieve our set goals. Work on personal flaws we know of and have a positive outlook to life. Whatever we desire will get to us in time if we work towards it and exercise patience. Panicking mostly leads to mistakes which at times are irreversible. Let’s make our beds “right” this new year my ladies… so as to avoid regrets later.

That’s all I have to say on this new year morning. I wish us all, a wonderful, fruitful year ahead!

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