“Religions And Salvation”

Hello ladies…

Today I will like to talk on a spiritual matter. “Salvation

It is a fact that here in Africa religion, matters a lot to us. Every family identifies with one religion or another. It’s either, Christianity; Islam; native idols and so on. Most of these religions have something in common. They all believe there’s something greater than us all, out there. A supreme being who rewards us all according to our deeds.

In the past centuries uncountable atrocities were committed in the name of “the gods.” Currently there are other forms of atrocities being committed in the name of God. Is history repeating itself?

Now, what is “salvation”? “The process of being saved(from hell); “the process of being restored or made new for the purpose of becoming saved;” lastly, “the process of being rid of the old poor quality conditions and becoming improved.” Those are the definitions of salvation by English dictionary. The last definition is my favorite among all stated above. Have we improved? Well… to an extent. There’s still room for improvement. Every Christian or Muslim sees himself as better than a pagan or an Idol worshiper. The question is, how many pagans are presently in our governments?

Each Friday/Sunday we troop to mosques/churches. Yet corruption keeps eating deep in our societies. Many people join this religious groups just to feel good about themselves. For appearance sake, definitely not for salvation. If not, why are things going from bad to worse each day despite the percentage that are religious in our various societies?

Who burns people on the streets? Who uses every little opportunity to burn homes? Who robs the people of their basic civil rights each day? Who oppresses the poor and enrich their pockets more each day? Who sheds bloods of the innocent as if it means nothing, every passing day?

Of what benefits is religion to our lives if it doesn’t improve us; change us? If it can’t turn a wicked heart to a heart filled with kindness? If it wouldn’t make us our brothers keeper? If it can’t make us selfless…?

Accumulating wealth seems to have become the number one priority of some spiritual fathers, all over the world. Even if half the congregants are wretched and can’t afford to feed and cloth themselves.

As for the Christian Church leaders, I have a simple question to ask. If the savior whom we are trying to emulate could worry about the people’s well being, fed them on several occasions without even having much . Are we truly Christ-like? How many have you fed? How many have you helped? Did Jesus feed others because he had an extra he didn’t need? Or was it for appearance sake? I don’t think so, neither do I believe it was just to showcase his “divine powers.” I simply believe he saw their needs and provided it because he could.

Let’s reminiscence in our hearts, find out why we view ourselves as religious. The wealthy sometimes, will rather give in church to be noticed than help a poor neighbor living beside him or a poor relation. Loving your neighbor as thy self would solve a lot of problems in our midst if we put that into practice.

Let’s seek for salvation instead of doing “eye service” all over the place.  Be an improved version of yourself; be better; don’t just do things for appearance sake. Do it because you know it’s the right thing, if you are truly religious. Or go sit in a corner. Lol

Let those of us that are Christians, use this season of Christmas celebration to have a moment of sober reflection. Evaluate ourselves and determine where we need improvements in our various lives…

Do have wonderful moments, this joyous season of Christmas, you all!


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