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Lol. Such a cliché. I know…

Everyone has come across, been advised and read about being oneself a thousand times. Well- hear why I think it’s one sound powerful advice. In life I must confess there are no other set of people that irritate the hell out of me more than those that want to please everyone. Hahaha… surprised? I say things the way I see them. So you might as well stop reading right there if you found that offensive. I find that trait irritating because you can’t be that way if you are being yourself.

There are those so afraid of rejection that they can take anything and everything just to feel among. The sad truth is, they never get to be truly accepted or respected by those they see as their friends. If they are surrounded by their friends, look closely. They are probably being viewed by their group of friends as  “clowns” or worse. Lol

These set of people never lose their cool, never take offense, never voice out their opinion if it isn’t the “popular opinion of the moment.” They never tell a friend about something he/she did, they didn’t like. They won’t say their opinion about anything until they find out the popular opinion and jump right in. They live through life this way until they eventually lose themselves in other people lives. They want to be accepted so much they become needy and sadly, most people avoid needy people. So the very thing they want and need so much, they lose.

These are the set that are always eager to squeal every little secret they have about a friend, either consciously or not. The aim is always to be liked or preferred above that person. The irony of such character is that it never fetches them what they truly hoped for, which is to be liked, accepted, needed. What it fetches them rather is being viewed as insecure/ needy type.

Ok! Now let’s  talk about being yourself. I will explain this as I understand it. Being oneself is about doing things the way you would do it, if you don’t need anyone’s approval to do it. Or allowing your personality to show as it is, not needing others approval on every little thing. Knowing things you are comfortable doing and those you aren’t. Likewise having things you like/dislike and being courageous enough to stand firm on  them. In this scenario, you change certain actions or traits, only when you know it isn’t right for you and could be of consequences- not because you seek for others approval.

The good thing about being oneself is; you get to make genuine friends. No matter the kind of person you are. There are people out there who will like you exactly as you are. Those character traits you hide so much just to be easily liked. There are some with similar character out there who will understand things you do perfectly and why you do them. Trying to fit in isn’t always a good thing. So, you are different? So what? Being different isn’t always a bad thing. In fact if you use it wisely, it makes you stand out. Hold your head high and do your thing, your way. People and their opinion of you isn’t that relevant. Lol.

If you found yourself within a group discussion and didn’t feel like commenting on that discussion, then don’t. It doesn’t make you dumb or timid. If you are there and had something to say, say it. It might go down well with some or not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you chose what you did, based solely on you. When you follow these rules, those that become your pals, your friends, your confidant, become all that because they know you, faults and all. They like and want to associate with you. That is how genuine friendship and relationships are formed.

Hello, out there- if you are wondering why after being so nice and always being there for others, yet they are never there for you or take you seriously. Maybe it’s time you started being yourself. Those that genuinely like you, need you or understand you will certainly find you and form that strong bond of friendship with you.

It’s better you have few real friends, who stick with you through thick and thin than surround yourself with thousands of fake friends, who can never vouch for you, because of the simple truth that is, they don’t know the “real” you. Lol.

Do have a wonderful day you all…


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