Hello ladies…

This morning I will be talking about one of those topics we don’t usually want to talk about in our societies.

The topic says;

Should The Religion We Practice, Be TO Impress Or TO Teach Moral Standards And Make Us Better Individuals? My View.

Now, what do we understand by the word Religion? There is an apt definition from the English dictionary; “Any practice that someone or some group is seriously devoted to.”

Now, that’s the exact definition that explains completely what I’m about to share my view on. Let’s take for instance Christianity. This is a form of religion that has penetrated every nook and cranny in Africa. My question this morning is; Is it still about moral standard? Is it still about being or doing good? Is it still about helping the less privileged? Is it still about speaking against injustice? Is it still about speaking against evil in the society? Is it still against immorality? Is it still about changing lives for the better? Is it still about making the world a better place?

Sorry pals… I don’t want to sound judgmental or self-righteous this morning but you just have to bear with me. It is getting out of hand. There are fanatics in every religion. Does it change much?…. the answer is, NO! On the Capital… lol.

If you observe the behaviors, all around you, there isn’t really any moral difference, nothing has changed. They aren’t any better. In a corrupt society like ours, you wait for them, the fanatics, the religious leaders to speak out, to criticize, to show they are of higher moral standard but nothing. No one leads by example here. I know I’m not supposed to judge. Hear me out first. These behaviors wouldn’t bother me much if it isn’t taken too far. It is practiced right inside the church. Backbiting, envy, wickedness, politics,thievery and all sorts of things.

In some places of worship, if you aren’t wealthy or a known figure, no one cares about your salvation… sad right? Well…that’s a fact.

Now what was the aim of this particular religion when it was introduced? To make us better. Right? To teach us about a supernatural God, who can do all things, if we believe and conform to a certain moral standard, right? To teach us morals. No? 

Now what is moral? The English dictionary says; “conforming to standard of right behavior ;sanctioned by or operative on one’s conscience or ethical judgment.” Now…that was self explanatory… 

I want to know if I’m wrong but according to our earlier definition of religion, which I must point out this continent is jam-packed with, the expected result isn’t the outcome here. 

I know it will be unfair to blame all our woes on new found religions, maybe parents should do more on teaching morals to their kids at tender age, the folklores of the past shouldn’t be totally forgotten, the story books of the good being rewarded for doing good.

The church should tone down on preaching “Grace”. Yes, I mean it. Church/ mosque should emphazise more on the rewards for doing right. Enough of this prosperity nonsense.

There are other values in life that, when followed, one will accomplish a lot more and live a fulfilled life with principles, others can emulate. It’s shouldn’t be all about riches and grace. 

If we all practice the principles of the golden rule. I believe it will make us better individuals, instead of the present quagmire religions plugged us into…


Well…that’s  all I have to say for now.

Bye ladies…will be back soon!


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