Happy Sunday my lovely ladies...

How was Sunday service? I hope you had a wonderful time with the Creator this morning. We should always make out time in our lives, no matter how busy one was throughout the week, to be with our heavenly Father, to thank him for the life he has given each and everyone of us, to meditate on our lives and ask for his continous guidance and protection. That said. I have a very unsettling topic to discuss today. The topic says;


I am not here to criticize but I’d have to eat the humble pie and openly admit that there is an Elephant in the room currently,  concerning the ladies search for quick miracles, a quest to settle down at all cost and lastly the church.

I mentioned church last because in this particular issue I am about to talk on, the church isn’t really the instigator of anything here, the only area I hold it responsible is on feeding on and heightening people fear of the unknown.

You are in your thirties or above. You are single, you may be in a relationship which isn’t heading anywhere or not in a relationship at all. You go to church hoping for instant miracle, a prophecy that your man will suddenly propose or find you, even inside the church if possible.

This becomes your main focus, your primary reason to go for Sunday service. Why do this to yourself? Why pressure yourself? why not just have fun? Let your hair down…dance, laugh, be merry and be thankful that you are alive, in good health?

There are good reverends, there are also bad ones. At times our body languages are what put so many ladies out there in serious trouble. Imagine a case where a dubious man who is obviously fake ask you to bring so, so and so for prayers, to come in the late night hours, say 12am for deliverance or cleansing or whatever it is called-“alone”, and you comply! Hello…? Really?

There have been several cases of molestation, rape or worse by so called men! Sorry I can’t bring myself to term such a man, a pastor or reverend because obviously, he isn’t one. Don’t be too anxious that you forget about your safety! Watch out! In this life,there are people at every stage of your life who would want to capitalize on your misfortune…for their own selfish gains.

Your plight is yours alone. Be your own number one fan. Love yourself, look out for yourself and take very good care of yourself. There are so many reasons you may be in this category, it may be by choice, it might be because of terrible experiences in the past, it might be due to bad choices made in the past, it might be just plain hard luck.

All you need do is to sit back, reminiscence, discover areas you need to work on, be the best version of yourself you could be and see if you won’t get the best version of someone else out there for you.

What am I saying? Do not let someone else authoritatively tell you why you are in this category. He who wears the shoes… they say, knows where it hurts! You know yourself more than anyone else in this world. If you are ( i ) Rude (ii) Opinionated (iii) Aggressive (iv)Hot tempered (v) Mecurial in nature to mention but a few,work on these flaws. If you don’t like it when others exhibit it. Why inflict it on someone else? It could also be that you just haven’t found or met “the one”.

It’s  left for you to determine which area you fall into. So, it’s you at the “center,” get to work!

Remove the fear of being castigated. Remove the fear of being termed unmarketable, undesired. Strong word? You have no idea, they say even worse behind your back. It doesn’t matter though. What matters is what you think of yourself. The 1st may not necessarily be the best. If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well my lovely ladies!

Focus on you and what matters to you! The society should take a hike! My humble opinion though…share yours with me. Criticism is also allowed and welcomed…Take a deep breath…give me a warm smile…( smiles) have a lovely fun filled Sunday afternoon!

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