Follow Your Instincts Ladies

Hello ladies…

My topic tonight says;
“Follow Your Instinct”

Now, what does this term instinct mean?

English dictionary defines instinct as; “an intuitive reaction not based on rational conscious thought.” (That nagging feeling in your gut that won’t let go). There isn’t any human being alive without instinct but sadly most don’t pay much attention to it. You are in a relationship where your man treats you like crap. You are unhappy. Your self esteem has since eroded. Why are you still in that relationship? What is your gut telling you at this moment?

Both of you are simply not compatible. He views all your principles or life beliefs with disdain. He sees stealing, fighting, duping others, cheating as being smart for instance and you on the other hand abhor all these mentioned above. What? Yeah….I promised you I will be your voice of reasoning, your conscience…Lol. Back to the discussion. What is your “gut;” your”intuition;” whispering to you now? If your gut tells you now that you are currently in the relationship mall, packing all the ingredients for a delicious disaster. Lol. 

Why are you ignoring your instinct my lady? Is it because you are in your thirties or above and single that you have neglected your sense of self-preservation?He goes out with you and spend precious hours viewing other ladies as they pass by or even refuses to be seen with you. Openly cheats on you. Well-is the societal pressure worth all that? What about your peace of mind?

I believe being in a relationship is somehow like parenting, in the case of kids and parents, as they grow older, they keep experimenting, observing their parents reactions, with time a son or daughter already knows what dad or mum won’t take. Ok! Let’s apply that to a “relationship.” He’s trying to get to know you better. You are doing same. He begins to test the waters to know what you would, “could” take from him or not.

Why are you not doing your own part of the findings? Why are you overlooking all the red flags? Can’t you hold on till you meet someone that would treat you right? Someone you are compatible with?

That one is above thirty, shouldn’t strip one of her dignity. There is someone out there that will treat you right and give you peace of mind in your home when you finally meet him. That- “someone” will understand you, be compatible with you, where  mutual respect and maturity will exist. I want you to really understand my point here. Compromise is lovely but when you are the only one compromising, there’s a problem.

Sadly the African society isn’t favourable to single ladies that have reached the age of thirty and above, and yet to marry. Nonsense would be said behind your back. Peer pressure even family all suddenly taking keen interest in your private life or marital status. Nonetheless, that is not why you should throw caution to the winds, just to become a “Mrs.” because if you do, when you enter into an abusive marriage or incompatible one due to the pressure in our society. Would the society be in that marriage with you? Or would your peers or family share your misery with you?

My ladies take deep breaths… listen to your instincts … if it feels right, do it . If it doesn’t feel right, please walk out now…its not a do or die affair.

I respect the institution of marriage however I believe it should be built on love, compatibility, mutual respect, and understanding…anything worth doing is worth doing well my lovely ladies.

Relax… ponder on my words and let your instinct; your gut; tell you what you need to know about your current relationship. Lol! Do it with an open mind. I assure you, you would be surprised…( smiles)

Have a lovely evening you all…






















8 thoughts on “Follow Your Instincts Ladies

    1. Really? I didn’t even know it’s listed in yahoo news.@Gelbooru… Thanks for the compliment… however I wouldn’t mind hearing your own personal views on some of the topics. Please let’s share and have fun while at it.


    1. @Kiersten, I’m glad you found it interesting…I wouldn’t mind hearing your views, let’s share and discuss more here if you could find the time please. Lol. Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate…


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